There are 10 municipalities within the Denmark School District. Each municipality is a town or village with a body of officials appointed to manage the affairs of that area. Each municipality has its own set of rules, known as ordinances, which fall within certain state statutes. To determine which of these municipalities you reside in, visit  

Town of Cooperstown
Clerk: Susan Kornely
(920) 863-3261

Town of Eaton
Clerk: Dawn Konop
(920) 863-2852

Town of Franklin
Clerk: Joan Raisleger
(920) 388-7142

Town of Gibson
Clerk: Linda Herman
(920) 755-4393

Town of Glenmore
Clerk: Cindy Ossman
(920) 864-3420

Town of Ledgeview
Clerk: Sarah Burdette
(920) 336-3360

Town of Morrison
Clerk: Colleen Magley
(920) 864-2388

Town of New Denmark
Clerk: Michelle Wallerius
(920) 863-5523

Village of Denmark
Clerk: Sherri Konkol
(920) 863-6400

Village of Maribel
Clerk: Nancy Van Elzen
(920) 655-3177