Cape Cod community schools reopen after hurricane: report

Cape Cod’s community colleges and schools reopened Thursday after Hurricane Andrew devastated the region.

The Cape Cod School for Girls reopened in the Cape Cod Highlands, and the Cape Point Community College reopened at the Cape Coral Peninsula, where the first students were placed in classrooms.

“The students were there for two or three days, but then they had to be evacuated,” said Nancy Brown, a senior associate principal at Cape Cod Community College.

“There were no schools in those communities, and we couldn’t get students to school.

We needed to get the students back in the schools.”

Brown said some students were brought back from their families in neighboring communities, but most were moved into Cape Cod.

The students were given classes, and teachers were on hand to help students get back on their feet.

Brown said many of the students who arrived were able to return to classes, but there were some who weren’t able to do so because they were still recovering from the storm.

She said the school will be open until the next school day.

The school is expected to reopen early next week, according to Brown.

She is optimistic about the school’s future, but it will depend on the weather, Brown said.

Brown was among those who evacuated their homes in the aftermath of Andrew.

She says she still misses her family, and that she hopes the school is able to reopen.

“I want the school to be able to open up again so that they can be a welcoming place,” Brown said of her family.

“I want them to be a place that people can come in and get their life back.”

Cape Cod Community Schools reopened, but the storm has left many students without a homeCommunity college students at Cape Community College are back at work.

They have a new president and are working to find ways to connect students with their peers in their communities.

“Our goal right now is to try to re-engage with our students as soon as possible,” said Lisa Mather, Cape Community Colleges vice president of educational services.

“We’re hoping to reopen this fall and begin to do classes, work on re-entry programs for students who are out of school, to make sure that we’re helping them as quickly as possible.”

Students at the school are learning how to reintegrate into the community and reconnect with their families.

They also have a special project they’re working on.

“We’re doing a project called, I think, ‘Re-Abandonment,'” said Brown.

“It’s about how we’re going to help people who are not able to get back into the school, and also how we can help people, like, ‘You can still go to school, you can still have fun.'”

Brown said students are encouraged to stay connected to their communities through social media, but they are also encouraged to attend school.

Cape Cod’s community colleges and schools reopened Thursday after Hurricane Andrew devastated the region.The Cape Cod School for Girls reopened…

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