How to help veterans get the best care in a VA hospital

Posted October 18, 2018 04:08:22 A veteran’s long wait for treatment in the VA’s nursing home community care facility has been put on hold for several weeks due to concerns about patient safety, according to the VA.

The wait for a VA facility’s resident to see a doctor has been so long that some veterans are not getting the care they need, according the VA, which announced Thursday that the facility is operating at a reduced capacity.

The facility’s chief medical officer, Dr. David D. Shirk, announced on Twitter that patients who have not seen a VA health care provider since November 30 will be allowed to use the hospital for three days, beginning on October 20.

That will allow for a four-hour window for appointments to the community care unit and then three hours for outpatient visits.

Veterans who have been waiting more than a year to see the VA are still waiting to see their VA health insurance company, but it’s a temporary solution.

The VA said that about 10 percent of VA patients have a wait for more than two weeks.

The department has said it will open a new VA nursing home in San Diego.

Veteran’s wait to see VA facility: 5 yearsThe VA announced earlier this week that it is reducing the number of residents it expects to serve in its community care facilities by about two-thirds in 2018, but the VA has not yet released a list of the nursing homes that will close.

The hospital’s chief resident, Dr, Drayton M. Cushing, said that the change was made because the VA is moving into a new nursing home and that it was a priority to keep the community-care facility in San Jose, California, as it is the largest VA facility in the country.

“It’s not necessarily that we’re closing the community health care facility, we’re just moving to a new facility, so we can be there to care for veterans, as well as to serve the residents of San Jose,” he said.

Cushing said he has not spoken to VA officials about why the changes were made, but said that if there is a change to the facility, it will be announced in the coming days.

“The veterans have been coming to the nursing home for more or less four years, so the changes we’re making, if we can keep them in the community, they’ll be in a new home, and we’ll keep them,” he told CNN.

The move is part of a broader plan to save money for the VA by slashing spending.

VA Secretary Dr. Eric Shinseki said on Thursday that he expects to save $4 billion by the end of 2021, compared to the $11.6 billion cut announced earlier in the year.

Shinseke said that savings will go toward the VA paying down debt and making payments on $4.6 trillion in outstanding bills.

Posted October 18, 2018 04:08:22 A veteran’s long wait for treatment in the VA’s nursing home community care facility has…

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