How to prepare for a disaster

CNN is covering the aftermath of Superstorm Sandy, but it’s still important to know the basics before heading out to the local community.

Here are some tips for getting ready.

First and foremost, be ready to walk.

It will be hard to prepare, but there are some simple steps you can take to make it as safe as possible.

If you can, take your family out to eat and drink.

If you can’t, pack a lot of food and snacks.

It is important to take photos and videos of the disaster so that people know what to expect, so they can plan ahead.

The storm may be over, but the damage is still done.

Get your family and pets to safety and to shelters.

They will be there until assistance arrives.

There are some places you should be prepared for:You will need to bring the following items to and from work:If you are driving, bring a portable generator to work and a small vehicle to your home.

If it is raining, take a hat, a raincoat, gloves, and long sleeves.

You will need them for work.

If it is cloudy, you should wear sunglasses and a hat.

If a storm approaches, take shelter in your home, your car, or a tent.

If necessary, use your phone or other devices to keep tabs on the storm.

You will want to wear appropriate clothes.

This includes a long-sleeved shirt or a long, loose-fitting jacket.

If your clothes are too tight, you will feel uncomfortable.

You can also wear light-colored shirts with short sleeves.

If your vehicle is parked, you can lock the doors and keep the windows closed.

If possible, bring extra clothes, such as a sweater, pants, and rain coat.

If the car is parked on a hillside, you may want to park in a clearing.

If there is a tree or other structure blocking your way, take photos of the area.

You may need to cut the trees down.

You should also be aware that if the trees fall, the debris will spread and damage nearby structures.

You may want a phone or GPS device for emergencies, but be sure to leave it with your car at all times.

If the storm approaches and you cannot leave your vehicle, take one or more photos of what the storm is doing and send them to a friend or relative.

This will help people know how to respond to the storm and will help them plan ahead for emergencies in the future.

The following are some additional tips for planning for disaster:Be prepared to get lost.

Get out and explore.

If something goes wrong, call 911 and report it to local authorities.

Take a map and make sure it is correct.

It can be helpful to take pictures of the situation to help you remember what to do in case of an emergency.

Make sure you have a cell phone.

Take the time to learn to use it.

Get a portable one, such an iPhone.

It has built-in GPS, making it easy to find your way.

If necessary, have a map of the entire area to help with emergencies.

Be prepared for crowds.

There is a limit to how many people you can safely carry.

Keep everyone safe and in their own vehicles.

It’s important to stay away from people with mental health issues or substance abuse problems.

If people are having trouble understanding you, give them a number or name and ask for directions.

Some people have difficulty remembering numbers.

If they get lost, ask them to call the local police department and get them to help.

They can give you the location of the nearest police station.

If that does not work, call the National Weather Service.

You might want to have a backup plan in place, such a gas station or gas station ATM.

If someone does not have a phone, they can text 911.

People can use this service to call for help and may be able to use a phone to call an emergency number if they have a mobile phone or an internet connection.

Get to a shelter.

If people are outside, find a safe spot to stay.

If in a shelter, have the person in the shelter call 911.

If a shelter is too far away, the shelter might not be able or willing to help because they are not in a position to get to the person.

CNN is covering the aftermath of Superstorm Sandy, but it’s still important to know the basics before heading out to…

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