How to find the best free cloud storage service for your local community college

By John Cusack – Crypto StaffThe community college campus at Sampson Community College is one of the largest in the state of Massachusetts.

But it is not without its challenges.

The college is a public institution and the college is also home to the State University of New York, which is not always welcoming to students from outside the area. 

A lot of students are struggling to find a job. 

“I’ve never been to a public school before,” one student told a reporter.

“My first year in college I was in the military and had to stay at home and get a job.”

The college was established in 1856, and the campus is now known for its engineering, mathematics, and computer science programs.

However, the community college is one that is known for the amount of students who can not afford to live in the area, but are able to afford to work.

The school has several housing programs for students, and is home to a number of students that are from out of state.

The school also has a number, according to the school, that can afford to pay for their tuition. 

According to the College Board, the average price of a public university student tuition is $35,000 per year.

This is a far cry from the average of $100,000. 

The cost of a college education in Massachusetts is one one of many expenses students have to contend with, and it can be expensive to attend. 

But there are ways to get the best bang for your buck. 

Here are 10 free cloud hosting options that will help you get your local college students to live free of cost.1.

Cloudhost – This hosting service offers free residential cloud hosting for all students. 


FreeNAS – FreeNAS is a free open source software platform which allows anyone to host their own servers. 


Cloudflare – Cloudflares is a service that lets users host websites for free, which makes it a great choice for the local community colleges. 


Fiverr – Fiverrs website allows users to rent out their computers for free. 


BitVault – BitVaults is a secure cloud storage platform which offers a number free cloud services. 


Apache Spark – Apache Spark is a software that lets developers, business, and hobbyists build and manage web applications using Java and Python. 


FreeCrowd – FreeCrowd is a community of volunteers who host their projects on a volunteer-managed hosting service. 

8. – is a platform for community-owned enterprises to offer their services for free in exchange for a share of their revenues. 


FreeCafe – Free Cafe is a social news aggregation service that hosts news content and blogs for free from a number companies, including Reddit, Vimeo, and Facebook. 


FreeBuddy – FreeBuddys is a collaborative, peer-to-peer networking and collaboration platform that connects community members with businesses, schools, and organizations.

By John Cusack – Crypto StaffThe community college campus at Sampson Community College is one of the largest in…

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