‘I want to be a leader’: Jordanian blogger’s defiant speech to US president

Jordanian blogger Abdullah El-Hussein’s defiantly written article in The Jerusalem post is in line with what Jordanian citizens want and are ready to do to challenge the government of President Donald Trump.

“I want [Trump] to know that there are many Jordanians who will not remain silent and will not accept the establishment of an Islamic State in their country.

This is my hope,” he wrote.”

We are not the only ones.

This movement will spread worldwide and will spread through all of us.

I want to see that the government [of Jordan] realizes this, so they can begin to implement [their] policy [on Islamic State].

This is our only hope.”

The Jordanian blogger, whose real name is Abdullah Faisal Al-Nasiri, was arrested on Wednesday and is currently being held in a Jordani military prison, under a gag order.

The court in charge of his case said that Nasiri will not be released unless he agrees to take part in a trial.

The case is expected to take at least two months to complete.

Jordanians have been protesting against what they say is an authoritarian, nationalist and corrupt government in Jordan.

Last week, protesters clashed with riot police in the capital Amman after they blocked roads in the downtown.

The protest, led by the Jordanian Civil Society Movement, has been called a “peaceful protest” and is meant to highlight the fact that there is no law enforcement in Jordan that can effectively address the country’s serious security and social problems.

“The problem is not with the police, but with the security apparatus,” El-Nasi said in an interview with The Associated Press on Wednesday.

“There are very few security officials in Jordan, and when there are there, they are not doing their job.

They are in fact helping the terrorists, not preventing them from committing their crimes.”

Jordanians are not used to the security of their government, and the police and the security services are not very good, so we are trying to show them that they need to change.

The more Jordanians are exposed to the issue of security, the more they will understand that they are the ones who are responsible for the country.

“El-Nasyi is not the first Jordanian to speak out against the Islamic State.

A few months ago, former King Abdullah ordered his son, Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, to take the role of head of the Islamic Movement in Saudi Arabia.

The new king has been trying to build a new coalition with other Arab countries to counter the Islamic state and fight terrorism.

The crown prince is a staunch ally of the Saudi regime, and he is seen as the only way to counter what he views as the Saudi-backed extremist groups that have been taking root in Syria, Iraq, and Libya.

But the crown prince has also been criticized for a string of human rights abuses, including the imprisonment of at least 60 men, including women and children, in secret detention centers.

He has been accused of human-rights abuses as well, including beating and raping women, and in October 2016, the United Nations said that Saudi Arabia is in violation of its international human rights obligations.

They need to know this, and they have the power to stop it,” El Hossein said in a recent interview with Al-Monitor.”

I think the people have the right to know who is behind what and what is happening.

They need to know this, and they have the power to stop it,” El Hossein said in a recent interview with Al-Monitor.

He added that he wants to “fight this with all of my strength and that we can do something about it, because it is a threat to us all.

It is a direct threat to our national security and to the lives of all of Jordan.”

The protests are also expected to help the protesters make their voices heard in international forums, where the United States and other countries have expressed concern about the countrys deteriorating security situation.

A United Nations Security Council resolution adopted last month called on Jordan to do more to curb the activities of the Jordanian security forces.

A UN Human Rights Council resolution passed earlier this month called for Jordan to investigate all reports of torture, including those of people in custody, and promised an “independent and credible investigation” into the deaths of at at least 80 people detained under the military law.

Jordanian blogger Abdullah El-Hussein’s defiantly written article in The Jerusalem post is in line with what Jordanian citizens want and…

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