When the government shutdown ends, the Clackamas Community College’s doors reopen

A small but loyal group of Clackama Community College students have been on a hunger strike for months in a protest of President Donald Trump’s planned budget cuts.

The students, who were on a semesterlong suspension, are the latest students to hold out against what they see as an overreach by the Trump administration.

The Clackas are part of a growing movement of student activists in Washington, D.C., and across the country that’s growing in support for the president’s policies and calls for a renewed fight against what it sees as the excesses of government.

In the wake of the budget cuts, the college’s students are trying to secure another year of tuition and fees for students who were not on a suspended suspension.

“We have to fight to keep this school open,” said Darryl Williams, a senior majoring in economics who was one of the students on a campus suspension last semester.

Williams said he would like to continue his studies but that the school’s financial situation is worsening.

“The president’s budget cuts are devastating and they’re not going to be undone,” he said.

“It’s just going to take more.”

The Clacks are a small community college in Portland, Oregon, where students study in the schools dormitories.

They were suspended in January for a student who was charged with vandalism, an act that occurred when he was in his dorm room.

Students have said the president has repeatedly denied that the president ever intended to punish the students, and that his administration has taken measures to limit their activities.

The university has been facing pressure to cut back on academic programs and services and to limit the number of classes students can take, including one that was scheduled to include a history class.

“I don’t know what’s going to happen to our education,” said Toni Nunn, a sophomore majoring at Clackamans.

She said she has a number of questions about what the president is doing to the Clacks, which she said are among the most impoverished and marginalized communities in the country.

“There are so many problems we’re not getting answers to.

We’re not being told what we’re supposed to be doing.”

The university said it had not yet received a letter from the students demanding the return of the suspended classes.

The president’s office has said that there are no plans to cut academic programs.

The school said it was “deeply disappointed” in the students actions and has asked them to take the matter “seriously and expeditiously.”

“This is a case of students speaking out and fighting back,” said Rachel Jones, a spokesperson for the Clackeras.

“These students believe in the core values of the college.

They do not believe that the administration has the authority to take away their rights and freedoms.”

The president has not yet commented on the students protest, but he tweeted that he is “not happy” with the students’ actions.

The White House said it has not responded to requests for comment on the Clacked’s protest.

“This issue has been an ongoing, long-running one at Clacks for many years,” said Laura Tindell, a White House spokeswoman.

“President Trump has taken a number out of context, including his comments that he was considering ending the suspension and then later reinstated it.

We do not comment on specific cases.”

The students say they will continue to protest, despite the president.

“At this point, we have to take action,” Williams said.

A small but loyal group of Clackama Community College students have been on a hunger strike for months in a…

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