When you need to know when to go to the hospital

When you have a cold, it’s best to call your GP first thing in the morning rather than go to your local hospital.

The GP will check your temperature, ask you to fill out a questionnaire, and send you to your nearest emergency department.

If you don’t get a response within the hour, you’re probably at risk of dying.

“You may be asked for details of your family history and lifestyle, including whether you’ve smoked or drank alcohol,” warns Dr John Dutton from the University of Sydney.

The doctor also warns against over-exerting yourself by getting too hot in the car.

“If you have an allergic reaction, call your doctor immediately.”

If you have no immediate symptoms, then you’re not at risk.

The risk of infection from hospital workers and paramedics rises after a few hours.

“People who work in hot and humid environments, for example, are at higher risk of infections than people who are at home, so the risk of an infection increases,” Dr Dutton says.

The National Health and Medical Research Council says people should be prepared to take any measures necessary to protect themselves from possible infection.

“All the health professionals working in the public health system should be aware of the increased risk of transmission from their colleagues,” it says.

“They should be able to use their judgement and be prepared for the possibility of contracting the disease.”

The National Institute for Health and Welfare recommends that people wear masks, and wash their hands thoroughly after handling raw meat or blood.

The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says people can get an ear infection from a scratch.

“These infections are often mild and can be treated,” it said in a statement.

“For most infections, the most effective treatment is antibiotic therapy.”

But the National Institutes of Health has found that people who work at the hot and sweaty edge of the workplace may be at greater risk of contracting a serious infection than people at home.

The organisation says the most common types of infections are those that are passed between people from the same workplace, such as in a car.

When you have a cold, it’s best to call your GP first thing in the morning rather than go to…

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