What to know about the Fortnite Community Battle, a fight over who can buy the most loot from the game

The Fortnites have been waging a war for control of the community battle arena in Kapiolani, a suburb of the city of Fort Worth, since the beginning of the year.

But now the battle is about to enter its third year, and its participants are looking for a new game to join the ranks.

The Fort-Nite Community Battles have been a popular online game since its debut in April.

And the Fort-Palo Alto community is hoping that the Fort Battle is just the beginning.

The game has been running in the Fort community for a couple months, and many of the players are playing as the Fort.

But Fort Battle, the Fort’s unofficial nickname, has been making the rounds in other communities.

Kapiolan resident Jason Mathers says he’s excited to play.

He says he started playing the game when it was free for a month and says he likes the challenge of winning the community fight.

Mather, who has been playing the Fort battle for more than a month, says it’s a good challenge, because you get to kill other Fort players.

“I just like the challenge, I like the competition,” Mather said.

Mathers has been participating in Fort Battle since the game launched.

But he says he has no plans to stop playing it, even after he wins the community contest.

He wants to keep fighting the battle, and he’s eager to see who else will come to Kapiolan to join in the fight.

“I think that’s a great way to end the Forts,” Mays said.

The Fortnites have been waging a war for control of the community battle arena in Kapiolani, a suburb of the…

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