How to talk to someone who doesn’t speak English

It’s one of the most basic conversations a college student should have.

But that’s where the story of Dr. Sangeeta Bajaj starts to take a turn for the worse.

“I can’t talk,” Bajai told CBC News, her first-person account of her experience at the Centre for Advanced Studies in Medicine in Ottawa.

“The nurse said I could talk to you, but I can’t.”

Bajaj was born in a small town in India and has lived in Canada for three years, but had to leave India to attend college in the capital.

She was the first person in her family to graduate from high school, she said.

“It was very tough,” Bavaj said.

The experience of being a foreigner has not been an easy one for Bajay.

“Even in my first year, I was a little bit afraid,” she said, adding she was the only person from her family who could speak English.

The nurse told her it was because of the school’s English program, but Bajaji, who is a third-year medicine student, wasn’t interested in learning about it.

She told the nurse that her English was very bad.

“You should tell me what the problem is, why is it that you can’t speak properly?” the nurse asked.

“Because I can,” Baidaj replied.

The nurses next question was about her accent.

Bajani said the nurse explained that there was no English program at the school and that they would have to send her to a program in another province.

“So you don’t have an accent,” the nurse said.

Bajani was so confused about why she had to come to the ER, she told the CBC she didn’t know what she should say to the nurse.

She said the nurses tone was “very rude,” and that she would have been sent home if she didn`t comply.

“There was no reason why I should go to this hospital, and I had to go to the hospital,” Bailaj said in an interview.

After her stay in the ER with a doctor, Baja said she was told by the nurse the hospital would not be able to help her because of her accent, but it turned out that the hospital wasn’t sending any doctors to treat her.

“And the nurse told me, ‘You have to come back to the office to get a new appointment.'”

Bajai said she decided to go back to Delhi after her stay with the doctor, but she still had questions.

She decided to try and get an appointment with a different doctor in another city, but that was not possible because the hospital was closed.

After she finally did get an appointments appointment, she received an email saying that the facility was not open anymore, and she was supposed to go home.

“But the nurse didn’t send me anything, and then I had no money,” Bawaj said, “I couldn’t even pay my phone bill.”

She was so overwhelmed with the fact that she couldn’t pay her bill, she wrote a letter to the nurses union, the Centre of Advanced Studies, and to the Canadian Institutes of Health Research, asking for an urgent meeting to discuss the situation.

She wrote the letter to CBC News on Tuesday after she was released from the hospital.

Bailagas letter was also shared on social media, with over 150 people signing it.

“My only concern is that I was just treated like an outsider.

How could they treat a foreigner like that?” she said in a phone interview.

She decided to post a video on Facebook on Tuesday, showing her interactions with the nurses, and said she received several messages of support from other patients and doctors.

“As of now, I am the first one that I talked to on the phone about it,” she added.

She posted the video on Tuesday afternoon, and was greeted with many messages of sympathy, including from people who shared her story.

“They said they understood and supported my story and wanted to know how I could help them,” she explained.

But the response was mixed.

Baidaj said she felt she had received a lot of support, but many people still felt like she was an outsider and didn’t deserve support.

“Most of them were not from my country, they were from another country.

And the response of the nurses was very polite and they did their best to understand and to help me,” she told CBC.

She said she had not spoken to the doctor about her experience, but did not want to put her experience down to ignorance.

Bailaj was told that she could speak to the health officer, and that the nurse could speak with the director.

But she said she did not feel comfortable speaking to the director herself.

“When I first came to the facility, I had a bad feeling, but there was nothing that I could do to help them.

They did not care,”

It’s one of the most basic conversations a college student should have.But that’s where the story of Dr. Sangeeta Bajaj…

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