Trump says he will ‘move on’ from ‘racist’ speech after NAACP speech

President Donald Trump on Tuesday defended his recent remark that black people who voted for him because of racism should “move on.”

Speaking to reporters on Air Force One, Trump again attacked the NAACP’s NAACP Leadership Conference, which he had labeled a “white supremacist group” in February.

The president said it was important to remember that when the NAACP was in the building, they were “very strong” and “not racist” as he was describing the group at the time.

“When I say, ‘move forward,’ I mean, if you look at the history of our country, I say that.

I mean the African-American community is much stronger than the NAACP,” Trump said.”

I mean, I think the NAACP is, in many ways, a racist organization,” he added.

“They’re a racist group.

And I think they’re a group that has lost the will to move forward, and they’re moving on.”

He continued: “And when they’re not moving on, they’re going to say they’re racist, and that’s OK, that’s fine.

They’re going on the attack, but they’re never going to move on.

So, that was a mistake.

And we need to move.

I think that’s important.”

In February, the president said that African-Americans “have to move” on because of the “tremendous violence” they faced in their country, and “if they don’t move on, I’ll move on.”

During a press conference in March, Trump said that “many” African- Americans “are moving on” because of “their tremendous violence,” and “many black leaders are moving on,” and that “the NAACP is not racist.”

But in the past month, Trump has been criticized by the NAACP and the Justice Department for suggesting that his criticism of the organization was aimed at white supremacists.

The NAACP on Monday released a statement expressing concern over the president’s remarks, and calling for an apology.

“We are disappointed to hear that the President has taken this step to suggest that our leadership’s support for racial justice has a racist, anti-black agenda,” the NAACP said.

“Our position is that we have no such racist agenda.

The NAACP does not support racism in any form.”

The NAACP said it would not “comment further on the matter until the President acknowledges that the NAACP stands in complete opposition to racism in America.”

President Donald Trump on Tuesday defended his recent remark that black people who voted for him because of racism should…

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