Why you should avoid the Hagerstown Community College scam

The Hagertown Community College (HCC) scam is a scam, and it is one of the most notorious in the nation.

The scam involves a fraudulent recruitment video on Facebook which claims to offer a degree from a top college, only to have it withdrawn at the last minute, resulting in thousands of students being misled.

In the wake of this scandal, HCC is under scrutiny and it may be worth checking with your local college, community college or vocational school before enrolling.

What you need to know about Hagerstoke Community College scammersThe Hager St. Community College, the HCC’s parent company, is facing federal and state probes for allegedly recruiting students in order to get them to attend their colleges.

HCC has been accused of using fraudulent recruiting videos on Facebook to convince prospective students that they have a chance to earn a diploma at Hagerstedt Community College in Pennsylvania.

The videos feature the college’s president, vice president, treasurer, and head of recruitment.

They claim they have degrees from the HCF, but in fact they have not.

Instead, students are told that they can earn degrees from Hagerstone Community College.

Students are also told they will receive a certificate if they pay the $5,000 tuition and fees.

At the end of the video, the school offers a diploma, which is also worthless, and students are instructed to return the diploma to the school, where it is replaced with a worthless, worthless diploma.

According to the FBI, Hagerstein Community College and HCC have been involved in similar scams in the past.

It is worth learning more about how to avoid being recruited to enroll at HCC.

Why you should not enroll at a Hagerston College or Hagerstock Community CollegeThe Haggerston Community College was one of four colleges investigated by the FBI and other law enforcement agencies over allegations of fraud.

The school’s president has denied the allegations.

The HCC has since been taken over by the Hastert family, and the university is no longer in compliance with state and federal regulations.

Hagerstock is now the only Hasterstone Community college, according to the HCLC’s website.

The website still contains some links to the fake Hagerster website.

However, the videos have been removed from the site. 

You can still watch the videos on YouTube, though.

The Hagertown Community College (HCC) scam is a scam, and it is one of the most notorious in the nation.The…

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