‘We’ve never had this kind of fear before’: Bayside College students set to attend university

A group of students from Bristol Community College are set to travel to Australia for a year, and will take a year off to study in a different country.

Bristol Community College (BCC) has been asked to provide more than 1,000 scholarships to help those who are coming to the UK from overseas to study, and the students have said that they would not be leaving their school for the country.

The BCS students have been invited to attend Bristol Community School (BCSC) for a month from January 26th to January 29th, 2019, and a total of 2,000 students from the college are being invited.

They said that the decision was taken in response to the Brexit vote and concerns about the future of the British Commonwealth and British-based students.

BCSC President Dr Paul Johnson said: “This is a major change for us, and is not something we have contemplated previously.”

We are a British-owned and operated school, so it is our duty to ensure that our students, staff and students from other Commonwealth countries are able to learn here in Bristol.

“I am confident that the students will benefit from a year away from Bristol and our students and staff will not be losing a home to come to the United Kingdom for their studies.”BCSC will be working with students from around the world to find the best schools for their needs, and are working with colleges in Australia to offer scholarships.

Students from other universities have also been invited.

The students will return to Bristol Community for the 2019-20 academic year, but have said they would be travelling with their parents for up to six months, and would not expect to leave the school in 2019.

They have also said that Bristol will continue to be the host of the Commonwealth Games, which is scheduled to take place in 2021.

The student travel programme is part of Bristol Community’s plan to make sure that students can continue to learn in Bristol for the foreseeable future.

Dr Johnson said that BCSC had been working closely with Bristol’s students to ensure they have access to the best possible education for them and their families.

He said that he hoped that the program would encourage more students to come and study in Bristol, and that the school’s students would come to realise the benefits of studying in the UK.

“It is a huge honour to be asked to do this, and I know that the people of Bristol and Bristolians will be very proud of the people who are undertaking this,” Dr Johnson said.

More to come.

A group of students from Bristol Community College are set to travel to Australia for a year, and will take…

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