College graduates can use a federal grant to pay tuition for free at community banks

An Idaho community college student has been able to get an online grant to cover tuition and other expenses for her future education.

The Idaho Department of Education says the new program was created in response to a national trend of community banks charging students tuition for online classes.

“I think this program is an amazing opportunity for students to earn money for their education,” says Kelsey Lohr, a college student and the author of the grant application.

The grant will cover up to $5,000 for students at Lenoir Community College, one of three Idaho community colleges that have started offering online classes for students.

The other two are Wabinee Community College and the Boise State University Community College.

Lohr says the program will allow students to save money for tuition and books.

“If you don’t want to pay for books and books you can get a discount by using the grant,” she says.

Luhr says she and her husband are both from rural Idaho and are hoping to get a college degree someday.

She says she has been studying for two years, so the money is already there for her.

“We’re excited that we’ve found a way to help pay for the school tuition, the books and so forth, but we don’t have any savings,” she explains.

The Department of Energy has also made it easier for Idaho students to get loans through the National College Access Program.

Students with incomes up to 400% of the federal poverty level will qualify for the loans.

Students who earn less than 200% of poverty will qualify only for federal student loans.

Lohns parents also have been able by the program to pay down student loans in their name.

But she says the money will also help pay tuition at Lenorose Community College for the next two years.

An Idaho community college student has been able to get an online grant to cover tuition and other expenses for…

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