Microsoft: Microsoft will spend $1.5B to build new HoloLens app ecosystem

Microsoft is planning to spend $2 billion to create a new “HoloLens” app ecosystem, the company announced today.

The company will create a cloud platform that would allow developers to build and run their own apps, as well as integrate HoloLens content into existing platforms like Facebook and YouTube.

The HoloLens team said in a blog post that the HoloLens SDKs would allow the company to deliver “real-time interactive content” and “create rich experiences that will appeal to a broader audience.”

Microsoft has not yet confirmed whether the new ecosystem will support Facebook’s upcoming augmented reality platform, HoloLens.

HoloLens is a set of glasses that lets you view and interact with holograms.

It’s a $2,500 device that is currently limited to developers, with Microsoft saying that it will launch the SDKs for the hardware next year.

The announcement is part of Microsoft’s “Hololens Future” program, which aims to provide “immersive solutions to the challenges of today.”

The company is also announcing that its first HoloLens device will be the HoloLab, a device that lets developers build interactive experiences that can be shared across a variety of platforms.

Microsoft said that the new HoloLab platform will allow for “real time interactive content,” but didn’t elaborate.

The new HoloLabs SDKs will allow developers “to create rich experiences” for HoloLens, but didn`t specify exactly how that would work.

Microsoft is planning to spend $2 billion to create a new “HoloLens” app ecosystem, the company announced today.The company will…

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